Steam / Valve news


OMG what is this awesomeness


Are both videos about dota?



Yes both are about the new Gaben announcer pack


Ah, zero interest.




Prepare the wishlists and wallets.


Meh. There’s always a sale.


My money goes to Sony this and next 5 years. Suck it Gaben


Looks like this is the last time to buy a Steam Link…at least in the US. I have one myself and I recommend it, works great, best way to couch play with friends.



I want one :sob:


I would want one if my monitor wasn’t the best display in the house. My main is 31.5" 1440p 165hz gsync… My couch is 32" 1440p 60hz… even then though, I’d probably just stream to my laptop which is the couch driver.


They’re pretty handy. I tested mine over wifi playing cuphead and it was suprisingly smooth! I have a pretty decent network though.


I’m just not the target audience. Every display I have is fed by a decent computer.


Yeah if you have a laptop or htpc it’s pointless. Even if you did need to stream you could over the PC.


I still want one


Steam autumn sale is here. Nothing amazing as I can see.


I see some pretty tempting ones on my list


I finally picked up Sonic Mania + DLC at that new low (though on Humble Store). Gotta go fast!