Steam / Valve news


Humble Bundle’s autumn sale is better btw. :smiley:


It appears you can buy gifts for international friends again. How interesting…


Same as before? Or newer sillier valve logic rules?


Just seems like the old days. I put a game gift in my cart and Steam didn’t yell at me when I bought it. The game in question for the person in question gave me trouble in the past.


And here I am. Buying every week a game on psn because the damn thing has a sale every week.


Oddly, a decent amount of the games I’m interested in aren’t on sale on Humble


These days I only look for games I’m actually gonna play before the next sale, or ones that are less than $3.

Luckily both that I was watching did go on sale. Hey, I am patient, I don’t mind waiting a month or two for a discount.

I’m looking at Strange Brigade Season Pass, because I loved the base game part, and Fallout 76, even though its not on steam, was watching for the rumored Black Friday price.

Oddly, Sniper Elite 4 went on sale for 80%, when the sale went active yesterday, and today they’ve backed it back down to 75%.



So fuck the indie devs, right?
Oh, gaben, you greedy slut


I didn’t read the article…but giving big devs more money discourages origin, uplay, bethesda launcher,, etc. Which I’d rather have than the slightly less pissy indies… most of their games are garbage anyway.


Most of the bigger publisher’s games are garbage as well. A new company has to start somewhere but they have no room to develop and grow if Gaben milks them for a morning coffee.


Meh. Indies already make more than you think. They don’t have their money tied up in dumb shit…also, as a programmer I have no sympathy. If you get yourself a job that doesn’t pay hourly, then you’re a self proclaimed moron…at least when it comes to the game industry. Doesn’t matter if the product sells, I get paid.


Aaaaaand here comes another store @gord0 :smiley:


If it’s not required, I don’t mind. It’s the forced ones that I hate.


The epic store might actually be good for steam. Force them to get off their asses and not be shit at all the things they’re shit at…or at least less shit.


Yeah and they started by making CS:GO free and adding battle royal … congratz you finally killed the game


I’m legit sad now. Stupid valve


Did someone try it? Is it any good?


Danger Zone is crap, and I’m being generous. XD Valve trying to replace lootboxes with premium pass and coins in crappy BR game.


I tried a bit today it’s lame… wait time is insane then you wait people to accept to play and after waiting 14 people on a server trying to scavenge $$$ than you order a drone grenades and weapons with limited ammo and camp to win…i almost won my first game but planted the bomb and killed myself and other dude we didnt have any ammo XD it’s lame game mod and if you follow drones you can get easy kills that’s what I did lol