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All I know is that Epic is giving away a free game every two weeks on their store.

Subnautica is the first one.


Bah, it’ll be like any other platforms free games. Mostly shit with occasional gems.


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Machine-learning discoverability, a new library, updates to Steam TV, and more are on the way.



That’s the exact amount of RAM you need to open a tab in Google chrome.


What madman uses Chrome? :open_mouth:



Now with premium currency for mostly bullshit items! ; ]


At least they give you enough to buy the useless crap like emoticons.


I’ll wait to see what I have on the last day. Would rather have 6 cad$ than badges or emotes.


Leave it to Valve to find yet another way to micro-monetize a sale. :moneybag:


Holy crap the sale is thin as hell. Even the weekly sales on PSN are 100x better.


I don’t get why steam sales get media attention. 24/7 it’s a steam sale. I don’t recall a game in the last 700 years that didn’t have the green x%off sign.


The sale that you see every day…those are trash steam sales. These big ones should be the ones that are good.


I want my $6




Is steam shitting the bed for anyone else?


I think they rationalize the smaller sale since you get $5 off $30 spent.


You should buy me a game. It’s rational