Steam / Valve news

Just don’t pick one from Irrational Games or it will cancel out.

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It’s like Razer digital game shop. Did anyone know it exist?

I knew it existed but it was not worth mentioning really.

There was a Humble Bundle somewhere along the lines that included a documentary. Only reason I knew of it.

Steam is down omg omg, end of the world.

Good thing my current game is on Switch. : ]

But it looks like a local thing, no news on global error.

Steam is down again. But it looks like a bigger problem this time.
Aaaand it is already over most of you didnt even notice it :smiley:


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Valve’s response makes sense to the whole issue at hand in that article. The most annoying part is the fact the last line of the article is " Sergey Galyonkin of SteamSpy and now Epic estimated that Valve made $4.3 billion in revenue in 2017 just from Steam."

Valve made 4.3 billion dollars in 2017 and steam is still clunky and old feeling. Can’t wait for the redesigned library.

The Steam Spring Cleaning Event is back! :blossom::soap::sparkles::tulip:

This weekend, delve into your back catalog and rediscover games in your Steam library! Complete daily tasks to earn trophies, emotes and backgrounds for your Steam profile.

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“Spring Cleaning” should be them deleting all the garbage from their shelves.


True, most of the games are junk, hard to find games I really want.

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I don’t get this…no sale? Just do lame tasks to get a lame badge? Lame!


Yeah, I thought it was a sale, and looked closer, and was like what in the world is this mess?

Recommending games for me to play from my list? Uh, I can do that on my own steam, I’ll play what I’m in the mood for, thankyouverymuch.

Most surprising thing about it to me though was, that its back. Obviously I didn’t care enough about it the first time to remember. lol


can’t see that site, it won’t let you go to it if you block ads.