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I use Firefox with uBlock Origin and works great. Maybe disable ad block if you are interested :smiley:

There’s not much info anyway. They’re just making it more console like and also sprucing up individual game pages.

I personally don’t care. I launch games by right clicking the steam icon it the tray. The context menu has some of the games you recently played/purchased.

Only really open steam in a window to buy/return.


I found it on PCgamer, and PCgamesN also!

neither of which care if I block their ads. Well, they nag me, but they still let me look at their site.

I run games from the steam game library, simply because I have them all in categories. Makes it way easier for me to find games I want to play, as soon as I buy one, I put it in its category.

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My way wouldn’t work for people who flip flop between games. I’m a one at a timer. Right click only shows the last 5 games played/installed.

IMO it looks like crap. But then again, I don’t really care. I barely use steam.

Still not confirmed but 95% sure


Woohoo, games that are 20% off. What a sale!

This is a non-issue. v18.04 is an lts version. Meaning Ubuntu will support it for 5 years from launch. I’m still on 16.04lts which official support ends for in july. By the time 18.04 stops being supported by ubuntu, there will be a solution to the 32bit vs 64bit steam problem.

It is also Ubuntu that is making a change. They clarified that the binaries will still be there, they are just no longer updating them. I don’t expect anything to not work for some time.

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Ah you nerds


Ubuntu flip flopped. They now say they will support select 32bit apps in 19.10 and onward.

“You know what to do.”

Yeah, I know. Buy nothing because the sale is terrible ohohoh


I will skip it, not interested in anything right now. Preordered Cyberpunk 2077 on GOG - this is the first time I preordered a game, and also, the first time I paid a full price for a game.

A skip for me as well, there are too many festivals and concerts and nights during the summer to spend on.

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I never bother with any sale, unless it’s happening at the same time as I beat a game.

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The sale is until the 8th of July so you probably will beat a game by then. Weeeeee

Earn achievements you suckers so I can get a free game

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How does that work?