Thank you so much guys

Lately I received some gift from some nice people who are here with us on this forum. I haven’t accepted them yet since I’m not at home and not near my PC, I miss you so much :disappointed_relieved:
But as soon as I will return to home next week I gonna share the info about the gifts with you. So long just see this as my thank you.

As promised here are my real thank you posts since I’m now back at my PC :wink:

DANTE: Thank you very much for Fallout 4 Mehran

Only0neKnight: Thank you very much for Five Nights without sleep … aehh Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 Jon

LetsGetIt1220: Thank you very much for That Dragon, Cancer Ben

MeFFFlenn: Thank you very much for Outcast 1.1 Alexander


Enjoy man!


Enjoy it bro you deserve much more than I can offer. And thank you for the gift in return which defeated the whole purpose but is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


OK I think I have to say sorry to some people since I just forgot to say thank you for your gifts … good that I checked my E-Mails I recently received from Steam today.

ShiftySatchmo: Thank you very much for Batman Arkham Knight Andrew

BamBam: Thank you very much for H1Z1 King of the Kill Diana

Katsuo: Thank you very much for The Binding of Isaac Rebirth Milisav

MyLifeForAiur: Thank you very much for Oxenfree Dave

Picketech: Thank you very much for Minion Masters Pablo

Hope I really got all gifts now. If not, I’m really sorry.


PeaceLeon haha you told me thank you! I don’t need a post :slight_smile:

Mmmm my email is hidden. And yet, everyone here knows my email address XD

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