Thank you to Buttstallion

Thank you to ButtStallion for Spec Ops The Line!!!

I completely forgot to take a screenshot of the activation.

I have been super busy this week, and haven’t even been able to run steam and really play anything at all. I got home tonight, and saw I had a message, and wow, what a nice surprise!!!

This game was on my wish list, as it looks like it has a pretty good story line.

Thank you, looking forward to trying it!!

Nice share! ButtStallion is so nice.

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When I get back from OK in January I will have to finish that one, not far at all in it, I have both of the Spec:Ops games and they both look great.

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Polekatt No activation screenshot. Sounds like ButtStallion is paying you for some good reputation on the forums. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey I’m playing this right now!