Thank you.

I don’t do this offten, but with how I have been over the past few months with in constant mind changing. I want to thank Todd Eckard for setting me straight recently and putting my inconsistent arse in its place. Its because of that and long deep thought about things afterwards, I can honnestly say over the next 3 months starting in November im putting togeather a I5 6500 Skylake build and decided after much debate with in my self that I will indeed be buying a MSI RX 480 Gaming X 8gb as well. (This is over my original budget but by spreading it out abit I was able to work it out.)

My current plans are as follows.

MSI RX 480 8gb Gaming X. (November)
ASUS H170 Pro Gaming (December)
4x4gb Team Elite 2400mhz DDR4 (December)
Intel I5 6500 (Janurary)
1x Be Quiet! Shadow Rock LP CPU Cooler(Janurary)
2 Packs (5 Per Pack) Arctic F12 Fans PWM (Janurary)
1x NZXT Sentry 2 Fan Controller (Janurary)

Reason im buying the GPU First is so I can stop using this intergrated garbage im using now. Hopefully ill be able to find some good prices over the next few months on my parts. I think this setup will work great for me and from the looks of power consumption on pcpartpicker my Corsair 600w 80+ bronze should be enough. list of parts between what I already have and what I will be buying for the final outcome)

Gorkie RX 480? wow, big upgrade, awesom choice, as well as the other parts. Monster build, I hope you will enjoy it. :slight_smile:

ButtStallion Yup, I have spent the last few months debating my self between the MSI RX 480 8gb and the PNY GTX 1060 6gb and in the end the RX 480 just was what I wanted more. Even figured my money around it so I wouldnt have to get a MSI RX 470 4gb instead.

Gorkie I was always an Nvidia guy ( please dont beat me) but I saw what AMD can do under DX12 games and I myself have some doubts. If I want to replace my GTX970, I would want a RX 480 for sure :stuck_out_tongue:

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ButtStallion I will let you know how it goes once I get it next month, of course after im done this whole build I still need to get me my Deus Ex Mankind Devided when I can afford too lol. As for enjoying it, I have a feeling I will considering im moving away from an AMD A8-7670k APU Build to a I5 6500 Skylake Build with DDR4 lol.

Gorkie Deus Ex Mankind Divided is still a must have :wink: Not as good sadly as the previous one, but still totally worth it. 20+ hours of stealth :smiley:

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ButtStallion I hear its the one game of Deus you can beat with never killing anyone…As for Humen Revolution I plan to replay it first once the build is done on Ultra :smiley:

Gorkie You can beat Human Revolution without killing as well, except the bosses. I did it myself. The harder part if you want to complete it without setting off any alarms :smiley:

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ButtStallion Doubt I would pull that off… lol