Thanks Kailisav!

Kailisav ( PeaceLeon and Katsuo ) are hanging out together IRL and decided to be in cahoots and send me some games because…well maybe they love me or something? XD

Thanks to you both! My tombstone will say, “Died with a lot of games in his backlog.” These ones won’t be part of that backlog though :wink:

How bout u stahp leechin dem gaems?

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katsuo You are drunk.

buttstallion No, I’m just ugly


I’d like to thank Andy for Uncharted Collection thing for PS4. <3

Still not sure why he bought me that tho. He keeps mentioning some birthday or something…???

katsuo you can’t just lazily steal my post XD

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shiftysatchmo Apparently I can! Stop me if you can!

katsuo I mean I could create a new topic and move your post to it, but that sounds like a lot of work.

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shiftysatchmo That’s the reason why I stole your post. I’m sooooooooooooooooooooooo lazy

Lucky duck, I want to try the Dark Souls series myself when my shoulder is done healing.

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