The Fall

This is my next game. It’s a 2.5d pseudo-metroid-vania game about an ai that is a suit worn by an injured human. So far it’s got a good story and good humour.

In Ubuntu 16.04 it almost runs perfectly at 1440p maxed out. I get a fluctuating framerate between 50 and 60. In Windows with the same settings and in crossfire mode it’s locked at 60.

Recommended, and I’ll post more after I beat it!

I take part of that back, it’s not metroidvania… it just seemed like it would be at first. It really pleased me, that it’s one of those old-school games where you need to use actual logic based on what you learned and what you have in your inventory. I admit I used a guide once or twice. I blame millennials for making modern games too easy…albeit I’m still in the millennial bracket slightly (born in '84). I figure if I had to look it up, and I’m not a feminist and by default unoffended, I must not be a millennial… lol… This is a really good short game. I still recommend. : ]

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