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So facebook showed me that it was my friend’s birthday. I went to public school with him. It said he turned 34. I thought “the fucker was a year younger than everyone?”. For the past few months I’ve been thinking I was 34 and turning 35 in may. Turns out I’m 33 turning 34. Thanks google.



Far Cry 5 taking a piss. :face_with_tears_of_joy:










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Still need the person to put it in the toaster and push the lever down.


So I saw a butterfly with no wings today, I poured some RedBull on it and BAM… It drowned…




Heyas all, how you been doign? after a little time out im back. Is good to read all the posts specially “The Funnies” lol see you around.




gord0 Who is the guy w/ Leonard?


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gord0 Who is the guy w/ Leonard?

I’m not sure, but don’t use google reverse image search lol:


gord0 Even checking for the correct The Shocker hand sign does not come up with the guys name. Seems to be just a fan that asked him to do it, but no name has been associated with it.



milkywayman I absolutely loved Carson, not so much Dangerfield.


What’s black, usually big, kills people, police are always on it and I just love to run over it with my car?

A road.