The most wonderful day of the year

Happy Dec. 23rd! The eve of Christmas Eve!

Way back, (late 80’s) when I used to work in IT for a bank, my boss dubbed this the most wonderful day of the year.

Since we worked at a bank, we only got one extra day off for Christmas. Everyone else was closed it seemed, but since they were all out doing last minute shopping, and this was before the internet, debit cards, or online transactions, we had to work so the last minute shoppers could get their money.

So on this one day only, my boss would shut down the IT dept. from 12 to 1, and we drug out tables and plastic table cloths, and he would take orders and he would go get lunch for everyone and bring it back and we all sat around that table in the middle of IT and had a dinner. Then as long as we got our necessary stuff done, and took care of any emergencies, he would tell us to just take it easy, and actually encouraged us to play video games or whatever we wanted to do for fun the rest of the work day.

Nowadays, I am blessed to work for a small business, and I pretty much do anything I want daily, as long as I get the work done. Other big companies I have worked for have all had various Christmas lunches, but usually just an hour or so and back to work. But I have never forgot that job at the bank, and what Mr. Daniel did for us all on Christmas eve eve, and that he called it the most wonderful day of the year.

Hope all of you have a wonderful day today, whatever you are doing!

For some weird reason, I got today off as a holiday, so I get to hang out and play video games all day :smiley:


The is an earnest and feel good strory. Just amps me for the Xmas season.
Cheers and have a great XMas… only 15hours away for me.

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