The Swapper

So this is my next game! It really is coincidence that this is another game about an astronaut on an off-world puzzle adventure. This time it’s 2.5d though. I’ve only played a bit and it’s really got me hooked. I might even like it more than The Turing Test.

It runs at a constant 60fps at 1440p in Ubuntu 16.04, so I imagine it also runs great in Windows. No idea about OSX though, I’d have to suffer a pretty bad power outage to resort to gaming on my macbook.

Will post more when I beat it! : ]

Great game. One puzzle in particular was brutal for me.

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So I just beat it! I’m not going to say it was better overall than The Turing Test because the gameplay mechanics are significantly different. Both were very fun, but I will say the story in The Swapper is much better! The puzzles were harder but the game is technically shorter. I highly recommend both games!