The Witcher 3. Help!!

My feline Sword says it will give 20% XP from monsters.

But when i check my stats it says 0% xp from monster’s…can anyone help me understand that ?

First…repair the weapon and see if you did gain the stat by repairing it. If that doesn’t help, then try to find the other pieces of Feline armor and see if the bonus applies with the xp gain. If nothing helps, then it’s a bug. Nothing surprising since Witcher 3 is a bugfest anyways. Honestly, I wouldn’t bother finding the Feline armor since it’s crap. Just grind a bit xp through quests and contracts until you reach the grandmaster diagrams quest. Find the diagrams and craft some serious armor that will actually get you some sick stats.

Katsuo well i have the full set and i repaired it just now…still same…idk whats wrong -_-

DANTE Try upgrading the weapon. I’m out of ideas here xD
But it could be a bug. Like, totally, legit bug.

DANTE See if you are getting the same experience after killing the same enemy with and without the sword. Maybe you are getting bonus xp even though the stats aren’t showing anything.

Katsuo Figured it out -- its silly af…i will have to unsheathe the sword -- really? -_-

anyway thnx man for your fast response :slight_smile:

I think it only works if you have full set.

Only0neKnight i already have that set…anyway figured it out…i will have to unsheathe that sword to see that state -_-