The world has gone crazy...

These acts are becoming common place now all over the world. It really is a sad time to be a human :confused:

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Unfortunately a lot of these events are direct consequences of the politics and events created by powerful governments all around the world. And all is done for what? For profit. Nothing more, nothing less.

We, common humans, are so insignificant in the eyes of the world rulers and war mongers. Just a peons and collateral damage. Let it be more dumb reality shows, more dumb press, more dumb music. They need dumb people. It easy to manipulate them.

I wish I could go to Mars and try to survive there. At least if I die I would die of my own incompetence to survive.

Damn, even Mars isn’t far from this crappy world. :frowning:


I am glad we have a fence around half of the country.