This is like the Matrix!

Ok, I just had an epiphone!

I was thinking of here, and there, and suddenly realized, I feel like Neo when he realized the truth about the Matrix!

So I’m out, and I realize the truth, basically that I knew all along, in my subconscious. But I still got friends that are still in the Matrix, that are completely clueless that they are even in the Matrix. I need to keep the link alive, so I can go back in from time to time, and check on them, make sure they are ok, and possibly rescue them when they finally figure out the truth also. Plus, while checking on them, I can fight agents, and be a thorn in their side when I find them.

I am NeoPolekatt! :dark_sunglasses: :smiley:

Polekatt Wise choice. You took the red pill. Now see how deep the rabbit hole goes. :smiley:

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I just wish I could go back for my messages/replies. Especially the poor shmucks i just friended and then dropped the mic a day later. Just to say what’s up.