This maybe good bye for awhile

Unfortantly, this maybe good bye for awhile… things got really messed up here in the past week, my mother lost her wallet with all our rent money, cable money and food money. So I wanted to say good bye for awhile if I am not on here for awhile.

Edit: Siduation is being taken care of soon! Read below for more info on the outcome… :smiley:

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How much money were those bills in total?

$900 for the rent & cable but I got that worked out a friend’s mother is loaning me it under the stipulation I have to move out of here… they are gonna take me in but in 2-3 months when I can get the money together I am moving to Iowa.

I can hook that up if things fall through. Let me know.

Will do just waiting on the world that its been sent from them.

Why do they require you to move out?

Its because my mother is a drunk, and she did this all well drunk as a skunk…they are looking after my well being in this. They are bailing me out and taking me in to their home so I wont have to go through this again. They are gonna help me get into low income housing and everything.


Just a update: As crazy as this day turned because of a system error that flaged the moneygram as fraudulent… 5 working shit out, a trip to western union cause moneygram flaged that crap through RIA which handles it… trip to CVS for meds/money order for rent… and then home again after… crazy but taken care of atleast.


Glad to hear it is taken care of.