This temporary price drop

On the Oculus Rift has me thinking.

Did any of you get one or are planning to?

Imay next weekwhen I get back home.

I know some people who have it or the Vive. It doesn’t seem worth it really. I will wait for some future generations of them.


ub6 As much as I would love to get one, the price is still to high for my budget. I won’t be able to save intime and I doubt my fx 8320 could handle it lol.

I don’t own any VR thing but if I were to buy one, I would get the PSVR. The games for it seem to be quite decent and it’s much cheaper than Vive or Oculus. Take a look at RE7 VR or Farpoint VR for Playstation.

None of the current vr is worth money. Wait until it’s a refined art.


agree, I don’t think any of them is worth it yet. We are at 286’s, wait for the pentiums at least.

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ub6 I just got a Oculus Rift and I must admit … it is really awesome. Haven’t played much yet but it’s fun, really much fun :wink:

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peaceleon Some day I will get one. Maybe when v2 or v3 comes out.

If VR, I want HTC Vive or nothing :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just want this XD I guess when i get rich XD

I won’t spend the money until I am able to try one, with my eye problems it is to big a expense for something that is likely to become a paper weight. I sure would love them to work though, it would make racing and flying games a blast!

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peaceleon I was not going to say anything here because of all the people not on board, but mine arrives this coming Friday. :slight_smile:


ub6 Good luck man! Let me know how it goes I might look into one down the road after things settle down and I move and rebuild next year.

ub6 Cool you can add me on Oculus so we can play together :wink:
My name there is PeaceLeon.

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peaceleon said in This temporary price drop:


Added, but alas my touch controllers have not arrived… said something about being delayed until Sept!! I need to get in touch with them.

On the headset though, wow this is cool! Being in the body makes first person actually worth while. :slight_smile:

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