Trusted Soruces of Information

OK, we all have our go to sources of information for tech reviews. So I thought it might be a good idea to throw them out in case there’s a channel or website that others may not know about.

The reason for this is there seems to be (at least in my opinion) a distinct move from channels being review based to becoming “influencers” where they will post their thoughts about a product at the request of the company while avoiding saying anything negative about it.

So throw up your avenues of trusted information - I expect there may be some “robust” discussion over opinions but we all wear big kid pants here & should be able to not take it personally.

I’ll start with & Tiny Tom Logan. He’s pretty much shown he’s willing to call out a product for bad design choices or being a less than clean sample.



Enos_Tech_Reviews obviously

I read as many reviews as possible from as many sites as possible and I read information in general. Then I try to make an educated decision. I don’t watch any of the video stuff because most tech review people and streamers annoy the crap out of me.


ShiftySatchmo I wasn’t going to be that guy with regards to EnosTech XD… also I’m less than impartial having won the Noctua cooler last year.

Your opinions regarding YTers is essentially why I started this thread.


Sgt_T8ie definitely gamersnexus. I like their in-depth reviews and what’s more important they don’t do paid reviews. They also dont deal with unconfirmed leaks and rumors.

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I seem to frequent Toms Hardware when I need reviews on graphics cards or cpus.

I’ll probably be watching this thread and taking notes, because I don’t know a lot of trusted places. But like ShiftySatchmo I hate to watch videos because people talking annoy me. I’d much rather read a review.


Polekatt Tom’s is on my usual rotation for reviews. They usually are decent.

Guru3d also do a good job. Their reviews are really detailed and easy to understand.
Also, JonnyGURU if you want to know what kind of PSU to get :smiley:


Linus with a pinch of salt

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Don’t forget Yahoo! Answers.


Trainsmash etekinx? I’m sorry but no. Just no. xD all they do is copy/paste articles.
And Linus… Well… The quality of his reviews dropped so hard… If I listened to him I’d have nothing but overpriced Razer and Corsair products with RGB on literally everything. He was much better before he got ‘big’.

Adnan_Popara why you no take my troll bait :frowning:


ShiftySatchmo wait, you were kidding about yahoo answers? xD

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I only trust in the FAKE NEWS of and all of the mentioned sites (exept Enos Tech) posting Articles related to them as SOURCE :wink:

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Personally, I don’t trust any of them! What do I trust? Hard numbers and facts.

There are a few sites I use, OC3D being my favourite but when it comes to reviews, if they don’t have graphs, I don’t waste my time. While I know people can fudge numbers, graphs are usually a real depiction of what the product has to offer and when compared to other products on the same graph, you can generally get a good idea for how the products performance is.

In regards to videos, can’t stand. Most try to put on a bit extra or act like a complete idiot to try and entertain the watcher, which is not something I care for. However there are a few people/sites that actually show off the benchmark results in the video I.E the actual image of the score at the end, this also helps to let you know that the result is most likely true.

Don’t even get be started on that wanker over at Enos Tech!


maybe best source of information you will find directly from authorized company representatives … I have few of them in my contact list for EMEA region …

Country Manager Intel
Kingston Technology BDM

Will add few more latter …