Turok 3

There literally is no going back to the control style of the old Turok games on n64. I’m too used to looking with right and moving with left. It’s been more years since I played those games than I was old when I played them. I just tried to play Turok 3 on an actual n64. Not possible with it’s control scheme. Goldeneye still doable though.

gord0 After playing Turok on PC a few months ago I thought about how hard it would be to go back to it on N64. So have you given up on trying to finish it? I’m curious to hear what it’s like. I didn’t even know there was a 3rd Turok game.

I only just heard of it recently. No I couldn’t take more than 15 minutes with those controls. I’ll give it another go if they port it to pc.

But, now that I have an n64 again, I’ve started adding n64 games that I haven’t played yet to my list.

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