Ok, its offical I hate this time of the year when the weather gets cold… the past 3 years same time of the year I have gotten sick, and wouldnt you know it… I have yet to learn to be ready for it, locked all my money away so it couldnt be touched for my upgrade and now cant get it out till next month… lol boy oh boy… next year im gonna stock up on cough syrup and cough drops and anti-congestents.

I hate this weather as well. And not just the weather and the cold. The stupid, depressive thing that I have to turn up the lights at 4 pm because it is dark. And I hate the summer-winter time change as well :smiley: This month is simply shit :smiley: And I am learning derivations for hours in a bright room, but I am dark and stupid :smiley:

Drink a Jager or two instead of those expensive drugs. It is working for me :stuck_out_tongue:

ButtStallion I would but even that costs money which i cant touch lol

Gorkie This is why I have Jager stock and not drug stock :stuck_out_tongue:

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I just wish it would snow so my pain would be less.