Upgrades have been under way to set "Cursed" up real pretty like.

Since receiving cursed from Todd and Milos, I have finally gotten a 2tb 2.5" Firecuda SSHD for my storage/gaming drive, the Corsair H100i Extreme V2 240mm AIO is on way, added a 2nd stick of GSkill Ripjawz V DDR4 xmpd to 2800mhz to a total of 16gb of ram. Also have added red led fans to match the red color I chose from the palette they offered with the led case light. Using a 32" 1080p full HD tv for display and sound. And last but not least, my taxes will finally be in soon so I can order the last part for it, the i7 7700k to set this pc up for a very long time. :slight_smile: When all said and done it will be


I7-7700k(waiting to buy)
16gb Gskill 2800mhz ddr4(have)
Asrock Z170A/3.1(have)
Adata sp550 120GB SSD(have)
2TB 2.5" Firecuda SSHD(have)
4gb XFX Radeon Rx480(have)
Corsair H100i Extreme V2 240mm AIO(on way)
Red led TT Riing case fans(have)
600w EVGA 80Plus Platinum psu(have) (waiting to see if Enermax exhanges/fixes the RMA I sent in a while ago for a 650w 80 Plus Gold fully modular psu.
Phanteks Eclipse P400 case

Once the I7 is in I don’t think ill be sitting badly at all. Lots of room for other drives if needed and or other upgrades down the road but I think I will sit real pretty with the setup.

Nice name XD

milkywayman Yeah it’s kinda fitting I think :slight_smile: But all in all it’s been great. That’s for damn sure.

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