Want to test a game?

I meant to post this earlier. Here’s the copy paste of my FB post:

"Alright, so I got an email from work. We’re looking for play testers. Not a QA position, just seeing what people think of one of our titles. Like a taste test. We’re looking for avid gamers. You do not qualify if you already work in the game industry. The test is a Steam version of the game, so a Windows PC is required. You must be between 13 and 45 years old.
There’s two types of people we’re targeting for this test.

Profile 1:
-Have already played games in the City Builder genre.
-A fan of RTS (a plus)
-BONUS having already played Tropico 6, Anno 1800, Imperium Romanum, Grand Ages: Rome, or other Roman City Builder.

Profile 2:
-Avid gamer but has never or almost never touched a City Builder.

Successful Applicants will be required to sign an NDA.

There’s no pay, but from I’ve heard, in the past participants received gift cards for a gaming platform (probably Steam in this case), and possibly some other game related gifts.

So if you’re interested, let me know which profile you are and which bullet points you satisfy. I’ll pass along that info and you may be contacted."

Need to apply by Monday.

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Sounds cool but I barely have time to play the games I do have. The irresponsible person in me wants to sign up but I think I’d let you down.

Maybe @PeaceLeon ?

I’d apply but I’m stuck playing MMOs for the last few weeks. I doubt I would have time to test anything. I’m so addicted to MMOs right now that I have barely time to play the games I bought earlier.