Wanted: Indie Games Reviewer

Hey Guys,

Things are starting to go really well and soon I would like to bring on a Games Reviewer. Now, to start with it will mostly be cheaper Indie games as I will be buying them myself for said review. However, after we get a couple up, we can start contacting companies and a lot of the smaller Indie companies do like to send out review samples now and again. I would also imagine for the right candidate, the odd AAA title here and there will come up, but these will be on a as come basis and will require a bit more work that Indie games.

What do you get?
Well, to start off with you get the Indie games you review, you will also be allowed to choose the games as long as they aren’t too expensive, again - I am buying these myself. The right candidate will also get a chance to earn themselves a new peripheral set, for which I have loads to choose from. This won’t come til after a good few reviews and other possibilities may come up as well such as SSD or RAM etc, depending on needs and what I have laying around at the time. Again, this type of thing will take a while before offered in most cases.

What I am looking for
Obviously, someone passionate about gaming. Someone with decent English writing, I am by far no Grammar Nazi, but it needs to at least look like an adult tried to write it lol. Reviews, in most cases, will need to be at least 500 words and broken down into categories such as; Gameplay, Graphics, Story, etc. Also, there will need to be Screenshots of the actual game being reviewed taken by yourself. Video is a bonus, but not required and may help you earn rewards quicker.

At the moment I am only looking for one person to fill this role on a trial basis. If all goes well, I may take on 1-2 more game reviewers in the future and will also be looking for some News and PR guys once I can figure out some sort of compensation for these roles.

If you have any questions, please ask them in this thread in case anyone else has a similar question, that way all info is in one place :smiley: All content provided must be original, state sources were needed and I will require a sample work that can be uploaded to www.enostech.com as part of the interview process.

P.S. I’ve only advertised this here as of now, thought you guys would be a good place to start :wink:

LetsGetIt1220 I would be interested. But i have no idea, if my english is suitable enough for such task :wink:

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MeFFFlenn From what I’ve seen the English isn’t so bad :smiley: But this is also why I would like a practice article/review sent in.

Practice piece should be at least 300+ words and hopefully on something relevant to gaming.

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Let´s see, if i find something relevant :wink:

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How often are you looking for content? Are you expecting a review a week/fortnight or more regular?


Sgt_T8ie To begin with, it will really depend on the game. What I would like to start with is I have one game now I need reviewed, but after that, I would like the reviewer to mostly choose the game, then they would have 2-3 weeks to complete the review and get it to me. Obviously, this has exceptions, bigger games may take longer, if people have things planned as I know summer is coming up. Things like newer releases would be nice if they were done quicker as well.

This is also why I am starting off with purchasing the games myself, as once keys start coming in from developers, it will be a much stricter turnaround time required. At the same time, I don’t want to rush/push anyone which is why I’ve decided to start off the way I am.