Warframe: Plains of eidolon

The first time i try this game i quit after a few hours of playing because the system is really overwhelming, but im downloading right now because i want to give it a second chance once this update comes live, it looks really awesome.

The only issue I have with Warframe is that it takes too much time to get something done. I understand it’s a MMOFPS game and grind is part of the game. And I love grindy games and all that. But Warframe is a bit ridiculous in that regard. For example, if you want to get your first pet, you have to grind your way through 392895382923 planets, get 92378938259 items, wait 7 days for the egg to hatch and then you’ll get your pet. There was a thread on some forum, where a guy wrote that he was grinding materials for the pet around 200 hours. I mean…that’s a lot. And it’s only a pet. Imagine how much you need to grind to get only one part of a Warframe blueprint.

I hope the new update will bring more changes to the game than just the open world. Definitely looking forward to it!

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I stopped playing when i realized I have a serious problem by scanning every part of the map and completely ignoring the objective until i explore every little thing XD


katsuo if you think Warframe is grindy then you should see how grindy Heroes & Generals are :joy: that game is cancer

adnan_popara That sucks. Looks nice on the store page haha