This is my next game! A pure dynasty warriors game that ALMOST doesn’t have any koei tecmo garbage hindering performance. I’m running at max settings 1440p60. Something sound wrong? Well since they’re using whatever jurassic garbage engine, DSR doesn’t work so I can’t render above native and a frame cap is required because the morons tied physics to framerate. A low framerate at that.

That said, you like dynasty warriors, you like this! Will post more later!


One day. One day, I will buy and play a dynasty game! Never played those. Or I did but I don’t remember…

This one is quite nice : ]

Any connection with the previous ones?

No idea. They’re all shallow stories. It’s just fun. I might be able to make connections if I played them back to back. Lu Bu is in all of them though lol. Even Highrule Warriors.

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No wonder. Lu Bu was one of the biggest and strongest assholes in imperial China. Such assholism deserves a spot in gaming industry.

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Maybe you can answer this: https://steamcommunity.com/app/831560/discussions/0/1636416951452016275/

I can’t be assed to go through the multi-hour ost uploads that morons uploaded when they could have uploaded individually and made a playlist.

Oops, wrong url. Edited post above.

Well, I found out it’s a song from dynasty warriors 4.

Try to find it here.

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So good to fight to!

Sounds familiar? xD

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Probably direct inspiration.

Beat it. This is one of the most polished warriors games to date! We’re talking about TecmoKoei almost doing everything right. Unheard of. Recommended!

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