Weekend Deal - Call of Duty games up to 67% off

Grab something. I’m selling all my cards to get that stupid upgrade pack for Black Ops 3. Sell sell sell sell sell sell sell drools devilishly


Katsuo yeah now when my wallet is empty they throw damn discount … drop dead Steam

Cheap bastards won’t even put the ancient ones at 75% off like everyone else.

Mark2K77 It’s not Steam nor Valve’s fault. It’s Activision. They have that COD XP tomorrow at 7PM (our time) where they’re going to show everything about Infinite Warfare and future DLC for Black Ops 3. I’m super freaking excited!

But yeah, empty wallet. I have only 3 euros on Steam now haha

ShiftySatchmo Yeah. Black Ops 2 is 1000 years old and it still holds the 59.99 price xD
I’m right now only interested in the multi upgrade pack for Black Ops 3 and the season pass. And IW, but that’s not on sale.

Yo, Andy, you got dem cards to sell? I need about 2k of them immediately. jk

You going to the COD XP? I think it’s somewhere near your place. There’s a paintball event as well.