Weird sound issues

For the last couple of days I have experienced what I can only call a phantom sound issue. I’ve been using 5.1 surround sound speakers without problems up until now. It happens without pattern; in games and and while watching yt/twitch or just listening music. Frond and back left speakers stop working but after I open realtek control panel and test them they are ‘‘online’’ and everything is back to normal. Same is happening with right speakers and/or central speaker and subwoofer. I reinstalled the driver but the problem persists.

Adnan_Popara is raptor installed? Try disabling it


ShiftySatchmo nope. don’t have it installed. it’s really annoying especially while playing games xD

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Adnan_Popara try installing the driver

ShiftySatchmo realtek driver is installed and up to date :smiley: that’s why it’s weird. I know it’s not hardware issue (at least not with speakers).

Adnan_Popara driver conflict maybe. Have you installed other devices recently? Upgraded to Windows 10?

Adnan_Popara if it’s a wired set, have you tried a different port? If it is wireless, have you tried resetting the receiver?

ShiftySatchmo no new devices, didn’t upgrade to win10. it’s wired set and I already tried other ports (without success) xD I think it’s possessed

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Adnan_Popara have you tried crying and begging?

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ShiftySatchmo on multiple occasions :’(

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If they are wireless do you know what frequency they work on? Anybody in the house happen to have gotten some kind of remote controlled device like a R/C car or helicopter or anything like that?

Sir_diealot they are wired and I tried everything…

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Adnan_Popara Just a thought, can you ground this yourself in addition to the outlet?

Sir_diealot hmm I guess I didn’t actually try everything… will do it tomorrow since it’s 2 am here right now xD

Okay, let us know.

I had similar issue but it turned out my sound chip was heating up so much in my old case and it just died on me lol

ArsonSami as I mostly play games at night when it’s not like hell in my room, heat is not the issue… bloody thing is working when I test it in realtek panel but for some reason it randomly stops while gaming/listening to music/watching yt etc.