So I was going through Viber contacts where I saw that there was I girl I met in the previous company. I knew she was married even then and had a kid,so I wished her a Happy new year. We started chatting a bit, so I said to her that we haven’t spoken in a while and how many kids she has? At that moment I get her reply saying: I have a great family and I don’t have to tell you anything, goodbye.

Like wtf? I don’t get it, is this something you don’t ask or what? I am seriously confused to what happened… And before you drag all your dirty minds into the gutter, no I had nothing with her, she was just someone that was nice to talk to.
What gives? :confused:

milkywayman that’s weird… and it’s also a reason why I avoid talking to people xD

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milkywayman That is really weird. Some people just assume the worst.

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She saw through the nice facade to the obvious internet pervert behind it?

Just kidding, maybe her significant other was reading (or does read) her stuff and instead of causing him to lose it (again if I am correct) she just ended things before a conversation started.

I can jump to conclusions like her too. :slight_smile:

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ub6 you read me so well :wink: I could have been a bigger perv in person when I had the chance :stuck_out_tongue: And I was single at the time :slight_smile: Maybe, or maybe she simply had too many occurances when a chat started like this and went on to something different… This is why it’s hard to talk online to ppl anymore, they simply assume the worst first without the benefit of a doubt… And you can be the nicest guy in the world.

milkywayman Exactly… the internet can be a strange, wonderful, and or dark place these days. Heck the world is much the same, but I am the strange part so it’s okay.

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I am guessing she has ran into the “be nice to them to get them into bed” kind more than once and misread your intentions.


milkywayman To me, it looks like you chatted with her husband. :smiley:

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zmajuga if that is the case I have to say he’s not really smart :slight_smile:

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