What Games Are You Playing These Days?

Right now I’m close to 100% for Arkham Knight. I normally wouldn’t, but I am thoroughly enjoying every part of the game beyond the completed story. Did most of the DLC’s, and to get the true ending, much like w/ Shadow of War, you have to do a bunch of tasks post ending, most notably finding all billion riddler trophies. Those are actually really fun in this one because you can just interrogate some baddie and he reveals a bunch of locations.

Aside from Arkham, I’m right at the end of Resident Evil 2, Leon’s campaign. Great remake, excited to play Claire’s story.

Considering I’m close to beating both, wondering what everyone else is playing to see if anything inspires me for my next game!


Playing DmC Devil May Cry, Northgard, Galactic Civilization 3, Mutant Year Zero, Doom 3 BGF and close to finish Mafia 2 and Dying Light dlcs :smiley: I am not like gordo who plays one game at a time, I always have a game for every possible mood and free time. And now watching Mad Max Fury Road on Netflix in all its glory in 4k and 5.1 sound setup. My neighbours love a good movie night at 10 pm.

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Final Fantasy XIV, Black Desert Online, Waiting on the new DLC for FFXV… and random android games

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I never had a chance to play a Dark Souls Game before, so i decide to get Dark Souls 3 and im completely hook i’m in my new game ++, and i need to get DS remastered and DS2. Meanwhile i will save some cash to buy The Division 2 in which i plan to sink the only free time i got to play.

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Play…ing? What’s that? I am slowing chipping away at RE2 remake and I’m about halfway through the very short battlefront 2 campaign, which is surprisingly not terrible for the $4 I paid. How about you finish breath of the wild :wink:

Only thing I’ve been putting real time into is playing Motorsport Manager on my Fire tablet. Even though I have the full and more complete PC version of the game I’ve never played…?? But hey, I cant put my PC on my treadmill, go poop with it, or take it to bed so yeah.

Then I’m supposedly playing Owlboy. But it’s honestly kind of damn boring once you get past the eye candy.

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All I can say Motorsport Manager is my second most played game on Steam with 328 hours :smiley: Totally not a waste of time :smiley:

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Nope, reserved for travel time!

You mean time travel. Dun dun dunnnnn

Yeah, I’m in my sixth season on the mobile game and starting to get annoyed/bored with some of the areas where it is way too basic. I think I need to start playing the real deal!

A bit of Final Fantasy 14, a bit of League of Legends and a tiny bit of Yakuza 0. Don’t have much time these days to play games for more than an hour.

Plan is to finish Yakuza 0 and start with Dragon Quest XI and AC Odyssey. God knows when I’m going to finish these 2 games because they are too damn long.

Too much negative stuff going in life no time for anyyythinngggg

Finished 6 games in February. I’m a bit burned out but slowly working on NioH and NieR and couple of recreational games like Starbound and Creativerse.

Devil May Cry 5. Gonna finish in all difficulties (if i can)
Also playing A way out with @felogen its a great coop game. you guys should try it too with your best coop buddies. its helluva fun

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Even easy mode?

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nope keeping the easy mode/human mode for a friend. who is not a gamer. but he likes DMC very much. he played all the DMC games at my home in Human difficulty :3

Lots of Civ 6. That was anyways until yesterday when I set up my Vive. Now it’s beat saber until the point my eyes and feet hurt.

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Haha look into the games I recommended. Superhot!