What I really look forward to, hardware wise...

ShiftySatchmo If it’s gonna run 10fps so be it. But medium? NO. viking shout


I moved this to technology because…I can.

ShiftySatchmo Dat edit though

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Katsuo I think what I originally said sounded mean Hahaha, and I wasn’t trying to be!

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ShiftySatchmo Hahaha it was a bit mean. But now, you are just showing off your powers. Which is worse! BUT you are the best most awesome person ever and I want to be like you [blatant abuse of power for comedic purposes]

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Katsuo totally.

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ShiftySatchmo Hahahha I hate you XD

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Katsuo hey we have a padded room for that stuff now ya hear :stuck_out_tongue:


Katsuo I was tempted to switch hate to love, but I don’t want to go overboard :wink:

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Only0neKnight true, we are off topic hahahah. ANYWAY, I am looking forward to finally having DDR4 (dang thumbs)

ShiftySatchmo No DDR4 for you until I have my 990 board :stuck_out_tongue: hehehehe

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Only0neKnight hahaa I could give you my cross hair V though of I got a new mobo

ShiftySatchmo Does it have m.2?

Only0neKnight no idea, I have like a million hard drive bays so I never needed to use another solution

ShiftySatchmo No real point in me upgrading if I cant use my 256gb Samsung m.2 drive my neighbor gave me :slight_smile:

Only0neKnight lol yeah beats me. Look it up! It’s a nice mobo for sure

ShiftySatchmo Yeah just did, looks friggin cool as hell but no m.2 which is my main reason id want the upgrade aside from 990

Only0neKnight If you pick up that mobo from him, I’ll unfriend you. It’s an ASUS ffs

Katsuo It would be free thirty, you’d unfriend me over that?

Only0neKnight you could use the mobo money to just buy a better case :stuck_out_tongue: