What is this? The Witcher 3: Enhanced Edition?

“If you own The Witcher 3 on PC, Xbox One of PlayStation 4, you’ll get this as a free upgrade, though you won’t see the benefits without the proper hardware. On PC, that means a GPU that supports ray tracing and probably an SSD to really take advantage of the faster loading times, while the console update will only affect the game if it’s being played on Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5.”

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But I have an m.2 drive and a 2080ti…

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Everyone knows that 2080ti sucks. Wait for 3080 & 3090

You meme

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Haha OK go back to January 2019 and tell me.

Maybe they will bring it up to the pre-release level, before it was downgraded because of previous generation consoles.

So I expect more than just ray tracing.

I doubt too they’ll just copy paste it on the next gen consoles. They’re gonna 100% crank the fps up to at least stable 60 fps.