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So my lil bro earned some money and one of his friends bought him GTA V but he cant play it lol … he has Intel Core i3 560 … 4 GB ram and ATI 1 GB HD 5570…what would guy guys recommend to upgrade first? I was thinking his GPU since CPU is very pricey lol

depends on how much money he is willing or have to spend… but yeah i’d go with the gpu first. what kind of psu does he have?

I’d go gpu first, but nothing too expensive because it will get bottlenecked by the rest of the system anyway. RAM is a good and cheap upgrade too. You want at least 8GB for new games really.

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Didn’t you gave him your 290 or whatever that shitty ASUS was?

Everyone so far has gone GPU so I’m going to be a rebel. GTA V is a CPU intensive game. For other games maybe GPU but if GTA is the goal maybe consider CPU. You could always run something like MSI afterburner to see where the biggest bottleneck is when messing with settings.

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Katsuo It died i told you … your memory is weak man lol

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MyLifeForAiur Well I have budget of $150 I was thinking to get him a decent GPU or maybe 4gb of ram too if i throw some money in but I had CPU on my mind since i could get i5 750 I think really cheap … So ill see CPU+Ram or only GPU XD

Adnan_Popara Corssair CX 500 is enough XD

ArsonSami if he runs a can I run it type of app, it will point out what is lacking.

ArsonSami then go for gpu.

I gifted my cousin my old computer since he became father and all computer money went to baby’s needs.

Asus P5Q, Intel q6600, EVGA GXT 570 1280MB, 6 gigs ddr2 667, Win 7 64bits.

GTA 5 on some lowered settings works like a charm. :smiley:

For GTA 5, quad core CPU is a must.


GPU at minimum a GTX 950 and a 8 gb kit of ram

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