Whats new ?

So,whats new here ? How is your life ? Have any problems ? I am here to listen. I worked,got injured will work for next few days too and will be offline etc but life is good. I got lemons and i crushed the living soul of them and made myself a nice lemonade. XD

New York, New Jersey, New Mexico… How are you Mr. Magoo?

ArsonSami life is good man! Work, sleep, play with the midget and game. I got a medical marijuana card today, so I’ll be pretty happy once I’m off work.

demons6i6x I fucked up my hand once more but that wont stop me XD and i dont use pills or weed or anything XD


Life is excellent! Nice weather, fun plans, and teh_g promised to give me tons of amazing gifts for my birthday <3 (which is not today and I will not tell you when it is)

i`m just gonna say hi

ShiftySatchmo I give you suvenir i got in CS GO XD

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Had to wake up for a 5 AM Meeting today, so wicked tired…

ArsonSami Maybe this helps with the Hand-Fucking:

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