Where is Only0neKnight (Jon Bills)

Wanted to wish him for His Birthday but couldnt find him here :frowning:

I wished him ( in front of GX ) happy B-Day on Steam and said we are wondering where is he?

He deleted his account a while back due to some sort of drama. It happens! Even here

shiftysatchmo That sucks

I thought it was that Sammy dude who kept deleting his account.


gord0 He deleted it as well XD


gord0 nobody knows why Sami does what he does haha.

katsuo it was like months and months ago. He chose to leave on his own though.

dante He and Sami are in a school playground, playing hopscotch, jump rope, dodgeball, and duck duck goose… that’s what children do right?

thats just …didnt expected that kind of Drama in GX i thought we are close -_- one big happy family

dante As long as ShiftySatchmo is my cousin, and teh_g is my surrogate mother, we’ll always be family. Just consider JB and Sami two estranged step sisters who wear each other’s clothes without asking for permission, and read each other’s diaries. “Dear Diary, I have a huge crush on Katsuo . -Sami-”

syncrosis hey, hey, no need to be like that when they aren’t even here anymore. Just adding more drama.

shiftysatchmo Just adding humor