Why For Honor is better than most MP Games

My teammate and I were down 2-0 in a first to 3 wins match. Instead of feeling like we were going to lose, I felt confident we’d win. As much as I wanted to win every round, I pulled a lot of valuable info in my first two lost rounds. I was able to take that info and turn it into a new game plan and strategy in how I would defeat my opponents. You don’t have a chance to do this in a lot of MP games. It’s usually frantic shooting etc. and you don’t have the ability to say “now I know my opponent and I understand how to beat them” before the match ends. This video starts where I take what I learned the first couple of rounds and apply it to my fights.

I should mention, what I learned was both of these guys liked to guard break a lot and hack away. So I went from an offensive approach to a defensive one, which is why you see a lot more counters, counter guard breaks, etc. Then I hit them when I had my moments.

This game looks intense…

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teh_g It’s fantastic. I really do think you guys would like it. Should give it a try. The PvP is absolutely not an issue. I haven’t experienced anything in 20 hrs of play…

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