WipEout Omega Collection

So this is my next game. So far the racing feels slow and the handling is loosey goosey. The combat elements are quite fun though. I think my view is a bit tainted from Fast RMX though. I’ve only played the first category of events though.

If you have a pro turn off motion blurr and you will get native 4k60. With it turned on you get checkerboard 4k60. If you have a <4k monitor, turn on supersample mode (Renders at 4k, downsamples to 1080p, looks better than native 1080p). On pro it also adds 8xAA.
Will post more later.


What do you mean slow? It burned my eyes and brain when I tried the demo out. It’s fastttt

If it gets fast, it certainly does not do so in the 2048 category. Tonight I’ll be moving on to the next one.
Whenever you get a switch, get Fast RMX.

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Fast RMX is awesome. I know you don’t play handheld switch, which is good, because it’s basically impossible on the small screen.

I only play handheld on looonngg road trips that just happen to coincide with when a switch game is my current game. Otherwise it stays docked.

It’s speeding up a bit but it’s more so the combat element that’s fun now.

Yeah I got bored. Nothing driving me to play more. Wish it was a steam game and that occurred to me in under 2hrs so I could return it.