World of tanks

So what do you think is likely to happen when you take some of the best players in WOT and give them a machine that can’t be stopped and doesn’t even obey the basic laws of physics?

Oh boy I’m really looking forward to reading the comments section on this one.

In which Srbrus finds himself facing an enemy team who are capable of thinking and breathing at the same time, and ends up going right down to the wire in an attempt to clutch a win.

Tanktoon Y-activation RanZar

Ensk. Small map. Quick battles. Here, have two of them.

Goldfinger, he’s the man, the man with the midas touch, a spider’s touch
Such a cold finger, beckons you to enter his web of sin
But don’t go in.

Recognise this one and you’re really showing your age.

Tanktoon Bed Protection RanZar

Two replays for you today, one of which hopefully you’ll find enjoyable. One of which, hopefully, you won’t.

Look, here’s the thing. It’s really hot here, I have to turn the air conditioning off to record a video quietly and I ain’t turning it off for longer than half an hour for anyone! So enjoy todays’ short video!

If you really want to play World of Tanks in Hard Mode, play a stock Type 4 Chi-To. Actually, don’t do that, nobody deserves to experience that. Even a stock VK3001P might be better.

In which the suspiciously familiar sounding Tanker_Master plays a suspiciously futuristic tank and… well you’re just going to watch and see.

Is it too soon for me to be using a title that references the 1986 C. Thomas Howell movie where he takes tanning pills to pretend to be black so he can win a black-only scholarship to Harvard Law School where he meets and falls in love with the black girl who’s scholarship he took? Yeah. Probably.

Today’s battle features Hornet10 in the Progetto 65, and the video has almost nothing whatsoever to do with him.

“Ain’t no mountain high enough…” sang Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. They obviously never saw THIS team.

World of Tanks - Epic wins and fails [Episode 104]

Polish mediums are out and Sir Foch is playing them so you don’t have to. Although they’re not bad, you may actually want to anyway. #worldoftanks

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into Random Battles…

In which I try to make a reference in the title to the obscure 80s action movie starring Carl Weathers that almost nobody ever heard of.

Dave’s back. Yeah, he does get around a bit, doesn’t he?

Does anyone remember the old Wrigleys’ Doublemint Gum ad from way back with two beautiful blonde twins walking side by side while someone sang “Double your Pleasure”? Yeah, I wasn’t thinking about gum while watching that ad either. And I’m not thinking about tanks now.