World of tanks


Epic wins and fails


World of LoLs


Danish Bacon is best bacon. Discuss.


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


If a title’s funny once, it’s funny every time.


Crazy Ivan


Some say that there is a World of Tanks player so salty that I could sink a mineshaft into him and produce enough salt that I’d be able to shut down the Salt Mines for a year. All I know is he’s called SirFoch, and he played a rather nice match the other day…


Driving the latest overpowered flavor of the month top-tier premium tank loaded with more gold than Fort Knox and fighting clueless noobs certainly doesn’t hurt your chances of winning a battle, but it’s not all that impressive. Doing the same without these benefits, on the other hand…


Another month, another new tier 8 premium. This time, one that makes up for how terrible its predecessor was. You can even get it for free. Well, some of you can.


How to achieve glory in five simple steps.

  1. Play a few hundred terrible matches.
  2. Have a team that sucks donkey balls.
  3. Have an enemy team that sucks donkey balls slightly more.
  4. Git gud.
  5. Git lucky.

How to achieve glory in two simple steps.

  1. Play the KV-2.
  2. Wait.


Ah, Derpenberg, it’s been far too long since you claimed a victim. Welcome back.


There’s no drama, the title’s pure clickbait. There is a Llama, though.


In which Placebo takes a fairly crappy tier 6 tank into a tier 8 match and doesn’t suck. Someone should tell him he’s not supposed to be able to do that.


Halloween tradition is when children beg for sweets. Usually, the neighbors are happy to treat children, but the greedy ones can get tricked.


RNGesus giveth, and RNGesus taketh away. Today he mostly taketh away.


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


T-50-2 and Millions of Credits FOR FREE!


Fire For Effect


Size Doesn’t Matter?


Crazy good World of Tanks news??