World of tanks


In which we look at one of the few things that Wargaming isn’t planning to fix… er, I mean “address” in the 2019 World of Tanks shakeup, while watching Aurimenas007 drag his team kicking and screaming, one way another, to the conclusion of a battle on Pilsen


In which we see that you don’t always have to spam gold at everything in sight, even if you can expect everyone to be spamming it at you.


In which a whole bunch of people make a whole bunch of highly questionable decisions. Except maybe not…


And now, just in time for the biggest change in World of Warships since the game went live… here’s a WOT video.


The P26/40. It’s not great, it’s not terrible. It’s just… well… not bad. It’s also only tier 4, which isn’t something you see around here on a regular basis.


Tanktoon Symbiote


Sometimes, learning how to git gud is just too much effort, especially if it means having to spend less time looking at pictures of cats eating cheeseburgers. Relax, Wargaming has the solution! Just insert your credit card and press that 2 key! Gold ammunition, the practical alternative to anything like actual skill or effort.


There are so many different things that are going to trigger you in today’s’ video I just gave up trying not to. All aboard the hate train, choo choo!


The title of today’s video is not intended to promote vehicle theft. Stealing cars is bad, m’kay? Unless it’s a Panhard EBR because that’s just asking for it.


Two replays, one battle. Double your pleasure for the same low, low price!