World of tanks

In todays’ double battle extravaganza we have two players who came out of their respective battles with awards they weren’t hoping to get but probably aren’t too sad about it all the same.

Somebody screwed up, not saying who, not saying when…

The Polish Tier 10 Heavy the 60TP is one hell of a Chonker and when AlexanderGamingFox takes it out he drives it like he stole it. Which is of course the way it should be played.

We’ve seen some great Light Tank battles over the last few months but there’s only one Light Tank King and today he’s back.

When is a light tank not a light tank? When it’s French light tank trying to fool everyone into thinking it’s a medium so it can get away with using a 105mm gun!

In which zyhnz stakes his claim for Auroriks’ King of Light Tanks crown in a tank that looks like it was made from a Lego Technics kit.

There are certain things that a Light Tank driver needs to do well in World of Tanks. First, hope there are no armoured cars on the enemy team. Second, have nerves of steel. Third, have lots of spare underpants.

Knowing which target to shoot at is an important skill. Almost as important as knowing which target to NOT shoot at.

Step aside, Aurorik, there’s a new sheriff in town. Well, maybe not, you be the judge.

Trust me when I say you probably haven’t seen a match as close as this one this year, if at all.

What should have been Best Replay of the Week on the official site but sadly couldn’t be due to technical brainfarts over at