World of warcraft challenge, any tips?

Hello people me and my gf got as gift a pair of battlechest from friends. we have been playing it with some difficulties due to her pc crashing all the time, we have left like 17days and almost 100, there is any tips to know to be able to make enough gold to get those famous gold time token??

manguit0u dude you’ll have 2 new PCs in a few days! Exercise patience grasshopper!

hahahaha yeah i know <3 <3 <3 i´m asking for tips to farm gold, if we reach to 0 days and don´t get enough gold we won´t buy anymore game time for sure hahaha i´v always loved wow but only played private servers.

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manguit0u and I’m telling you, once you have the new parts you can farm away way better than any frustrating attempts right now!

I know what you are trying to do but with 1 shaky PC on its last leg and your PC i don’t think you are doing to accomplish much that’s why I’m suggesting waiting a few days or whatever. Honestly i forgot when delivery was supposed to be! Haha i suck!

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True True, we are struggling with leveling 8 more levels to go but i´v seen some videos i think we can make it and then start farming with the new pc´s we are going to fly, if we manage to get the gold we start a new challenge 2 more characters from 0 with this new resolution to see how fast can we do it :smiley:

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Spinalfailed on tuesday <3 <3 we need to clean the house cause there is an infestation of
ticks and fleas and we will clean with some products, get the air compressor clean the cases and cati want´s to make a video umbox i think it´s called and that could take all day also the fresh install and all of that

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manguit0u awesome i thought it was Tuesday!

Yes I know a few farm locations. Run all of BC instances/ Raids on Heroic+ mode up to MoP content instances/ Raids. I made enough gold to buy 10 tokens each month. Depending on your economy on your realm. Don’t waste your time out in the world.

p3ssimist_gΛming Make sure you have auctioneer Addon and update it every 5 hours. ALWAYS sell greens+ in the AH (people dumb enough to buy them for transmog)

p3ssimist_gΛming excellent, this kind of tips :smiley: <3

p3ssimist_gΛming w8 what 10 or 1??? each month?? O.O

manguit0u Amount of gold I made doing this, bought me 10 tokens every month when the token system came out. I would then sell some on the AH when the gold when up and when it was very cheap I bought one. Playing the AH game it is

p3ssimist_gΛming i see now, well gold token is 43k on latin america server hope to farm enought then the next month to buy legion for gold xD and well from then sell gold xD but shh don´t say anything