World of Warships

How fast is it possible to get the reload on the USS Austin?
Scandly01: Yes.

He’s from Malta, but sadly he’s not actually a real Knight.

There’s a new Sheriff on the tier 5 block. Well it’s not actually new, this ship’s been around a while but it sounds cool so I’m going with it. DON’T JUDGE ME!

The clickbait is real with this one! But when you’ve got numbers as impressive as this it’s okay to brag a little.

Top Cat

Yes, that’s a Destroyer in the thumbnail. No I’m not going crazy. Well… crazier.

The luck of the Irish was definitely NOT with him on this one…

We can’t all be great all the time. For most of us the best we can hope for is to not be terrible most of the time and good enough when it matters. Also, never interrupt the enemy when they’re making a mistake. That helps.

Heh. He said “Breast”. Fnarr! You could almost say he was keeping abreast of events. Just because it’s juvenile doesn’t mean it’s not funny!

No his name’s not actually Ned and he’s technically not in the Flanders but… meh. Close enough for government work.

I mean, I just finished the Choo-Choo Charles playthrough and then this guy comes along? It’s a conspiracy!

Next time you get into a battle take some time to study that loading screen team lineup rather than using the 30 seconds to grab a fresh drink from the fridge. It might be useful.

The throws just keep on coming.

Today it’s all about the Swamp Germans. Keep those stroopwaffels coming!

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may even vomit.

The Royal Navy battlecruiser HMS Duncan, named after Admiral Duncan who led the British fleet to victory against the Dutch in 1797 at the Battle of Camperdown. Somehow, the Dutch just keep sneaking their way into these videos!

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Seven hundred points, two caps and two kills ahead with less than a hundred points to victory. What could possibly go wrong?

We all saw Flambass in the last Schlieffen video showing us the wrong way to play this ship that only works if you’re Flambass. Today DCLawson23’s showing us how we mere mortals are supposed to play it.

World of Warships - A Game of Throws Season Two Episode Eight

Todays’ throw is pretty spectacular even by the standards of this series. Just wait for the cliffhanger at the end, it’s going to be worth it.