World of Warships

Ah yes, the eternal game of cat and mouse between destroyers and their prey - submarines. Except it’s supposed to be the destroyer that’s the cat in this situation.

In which Hapa_Fodder demonstrates how to NOT end up starring in your own personal episode of A Game Of Throws.

When is a destroyer not a destroyer? When it’s a cruiser? Well obviously, yes. Although in the case of the Elbing, that’s not being sarcastic.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a battle with such a slow start have such a tense ending.

In which we find that most rare and mythical of unicorns - a Minotaur without a smokescreen.

When is a throw not a throw? Honestly that one’s up for debate. Watch and make your own mind up.

The Shot That Counts

Well they’re not going to spank themselves, are they?

In which SeaRaptor returns in a match that should have been subtitled “Obvious Torpedoes are Obvious.”

I don’t know if todays’ Throw was deliberate or accidental but we’ll take it. A Throw’s a Throw, after all.

Kryten : I suggest we go from blue alert to red alert, sir.
The Cat : Forget the red. Let’s go all the way up to brown alert.
Kryten : But there’s no such thing as brown alert, sir.
The Cat : You won’t be saying that in a minute. And don’t say I didn’t alert you.

The Napoli, the Italian tier 10 Battlecruiser. It’s popular for a few very good reasons.

In which RogueCheddar proves that he’s the big cheese when the chips are down and I prove that there’s no such thing as a bad dad joke.

Dave’s back and in this battle he’s having a difficult relationship (don’t we all) with aircraft carriers.

In which MalteseKnight confirms that it is possible to buy a victory and have it pay for itself at the same time.

The Throws, they just keep on coming.