World of Warships


Vittoria! Because it’s Italian for “Victory”. You’ll understand when you watch it.


He should stop saying anything Italian. It’s destroying my earssss xD


Update 0.7.10


Just in time for Halloween, here’s one of the scariest things you can see in World of Warships - A Kitakaze or Harugumo on low health with Adrenaline Rush and the Yamamato Second Wind buff active. Don’t believe me? Watch.


The truth can be elusive. You may think you’re doing well, single-handedly slaughtering a third of the enemy team while simultaneously capping out, but the truth is often different and can come from the most unlikely of sources…


Okay, only one of today’s battles actually features a Black Edition ship, but who’s going to let facts stand in the way of a title like this?


Silence Is Golden