World of Warships


Vittoria! Because it’s Italian for “Victory”. You’ll understand when you watch it.


He should stop saying anything Italian. It’s destroying my earssss xD


Update 0.7.10


Just in time for Halloween, here’s one of the scariest things you can see in World of Warships - A Kitakaze or Harugumo on low health with Adrenaline Rush and the Yamamato Second Wind buff active. Don’t believe me? Watch.


The truth can be elusive. You may think you’re doing well, single-handedly slaughtering a third of the enemy team while simultaneously capping out, but the truth is often different and can come from the most unlikely of sources…


Okay, only one of today’s battles actually features a Black Edition ship, but who’s going to let facts stand in the way of a title like this?


Silence Is Golden


In this extra special Christmas edition of how to train your noob, we take that toxic Finnish livestreaming noob Flamu out and show him to play tier 10 ships. Because clearly, Gnomes are better than Finnish Goblins in every respect!


In which something happens to Jdawgmasta that I’ve never seen before in literally thousands of matches either watched or played. And a whole bunch of things that you see every single time, too, because some shit never changes.


In which PointyHairedJedi shows that you don’t have to be sailing the best ship, you don’t even have to be making all the best decisions all the time. You can still win, just make sure you keep a cork handy for your pucker hole.


Cruisers sailing into islands, ships turning to show broadside when 203mm AP is aiming at them, Destroyers launching torpedoes into allies, AFK ships at the start of the battle… all this and more! And that’s just the ships on the winning side!*


When your name is MyTeamIsProbPotato, you know you’re just asking for trouble…


Today’s video starring Efato, which stands for Engine Failure After Takeoff. It’s almost as if he’s expecting disaster.


In which the aptly named ErraticKAzE takes the HSF Harekaze into a tier 10 match, gets the fright of his life, has to rely on his team to not suck and is NOT disappointed.


Jingles sets out sailing… It’s time to set your expectations to “Low” and standby to be disappointed because this time it’s ME doing the sailing!


Murphy’s Law of Combat #62 - Never interrupt the enemy when they’re making a mistake. Sometimes, it’s not all about how well you played. Sometimes it is. And then sometimes it’s about how dumb the enemy team were.