Yakuza 0


So this is my next game. Seems fairly fun so far. Also feels a bit dated, but the modern textures and story carry it along.

Currently, in Windows, running at 1440p max settings. FPS is always above 60. It actually did run in linux with steam play. Sound worked, xbone controller worked…but it crashed as soon as I started a new game. But that’s a good sign for the progress of steam play.

Will post more later.


This game got my attention last time i was on steam, but at the end i grab a very different game instead… yeah Hitman was on sale lol, let me know your thoughts on this one.


I think Yakuza series are one of the best game series ever made. I love these games more than…eh…cats!




Probably the best thing I saw today. Or maybe second best thing. Saw a good butt.




This is accurate


@Katsuo what are the pocket tissues for that everyone is giving out on that one street?


No idea. I have 478274729 of those haha. Im gonna Google it.


Okay they are useless. Sell them or offer it to the police guy.


I’m just gona stop talking to those npcs lol


This game is getting pretty good! : ]




Majima is a god and that underpants dude is godder googdogjdojgdojgdojgdojgd


This game is so good! I feel only now I have become a man.


This is disburbing and sad :smiley:


Just beat it! Fucking excelent. Should be a movie. If you haven’t played yet, you’re a pleb!