Yet Another Zombie Defense game share

Hello children! I went on looking for a nice little game to share and I found this! I can give out 2 copies. So I hope 2 people want this or else

"Yet Another Zombie Defense is all about defending yourself against hordes of undead attacking you every night. However, when you’re the only survivor struggling against waves of enemies who are getting stronger and stronger, your end is inevitable. The only important question is how long can YOU survive?

The game is a top-down arcade zombie shooter with strategy elements. You’re able to choose from variety of weapons to mount them onto auto turrets and set up defensive barricades to stay alive as long as you can. It’s for gamers who like to put their skills to the test, find optimal strategy, and reach the highest spot on leaderboards! It also features online co-op mode, where you can blast zombies with up to three friends as well as player vs player deathmatch mode!"

BamBam I wouldnt mind giving it a whirl and should run on my laptop good as well

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Nice! I gave a few copies of that out last week to people here. Get a group of people wanting to play and I will pass out some more.

FPSmadMEDIC yay, do I have you on steam? Nope, sent you a friend request :slight_smile:

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BamBam Friend request accepted :smiley:


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BamBam Thank you very much for the new game :smiley:

FPSmadMEDIC You’re very welcome :wink:

Too many games I want to play!

teh_g want to try it?