Yo Monitor so Wide

…they call it ultrawide.

I picked up this thing at the beginning of the week and it arrived last night.

Its pretty neat. I needed something bigger than my 24" BenQ and had been looking at everything from 4k to 144hz to triples to ultrawide. Ultimately because I’m still stubbornly sporting a toaster I went with ultrawide as it’d be the smallest hit in gaming. And my main reason for “needing” a new monitor was productivity, so it made sense too. And it sure won’t hurt to look at next time I load up my racing sim! :wink:

Fairly entry level as far as 21:9 goes but I like it a lot. Movies and games look nice across my small bedroom and work flow is great.

Hooray new toys. :space_invader:


Playing competitive FPS games on it is almost as cheating. :smiley:

I’m also using 21:9 monitor.

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Haha, nice.

Nice, that looks like it will be nice. I thought of switching to ultrawide but having two is pretty nice. Let us know if you get called out as a cheater :smiley:

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I am a not a fan of ultrawide screens. Instead I am looking for 1440p 144 hz. Neeeeerd :smiley:
But still, enjoy it. F1 should be pretty good on it :smiley:

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Getting Montreal warmed up for them;

Automobilista not F1, but close enough. Gonna have to play around with the FOV a little bit more, but I wanted to use the real estate for the first spin around the block. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The FOV does not matter when you have a huge useless halo in front of your face :smiley:

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Immersion man, immersion! Haha.

I hope there will be an option in F1 2018 to turn off the halo. Like the “hide the helmet” option in rpg games :smiley: I don’t want to see it in any game, realism or not.

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I went to an ultra wide 35" a bit ago and I love it. Congrats man!

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