You think Steam Store is bad? Take a look at this

My eyes are literally burning. What is happening with Steam and PS??

Unless I know what I want, I rarely bother with the PS store.


teh_g Same, unless something on a flash sale catches my eye.

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I watched this yesterday but didn’t think it newsworthy enough to repost…then again, I had already watched Jim’s coverage on a bunch of shitware games on psn back when they were new. So it wasn’t news to me.

I’m veeeeeery picky when it comes to games so I don’t really care if there are crap games out there. But it’s sure ugly when you see crapware infesting Steam or PS Store. Especially Steam Store. It annoys me when I get nothing but garbage on my explore queue. I also didn’t know that Playstation had 0 quality control. That’s new for me xD

I think steam should create a tier system based on revenue of a game. Each tier requires the game to have made x amount of money. Then as a user you can turn off tiers you don’t want to see. That way I could carry on never seeing garbage games. Any good ones that slip through the cracks I would find out about from youtubers and friends. Also refunds would deduct revenue. I don’t think the system could be scammed either. What are the scammers going to do? Buy their own game? They couldn’t even sell the game for super cheap because they would have even less chances of reaching an actually good tier.

It’s sad this game doesn’t surprise me:

gord0 Steam Direct is totally working :thumbsup:

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