ZeniMax back to their trademark trolling best

So ZeniMax/Bethesda sent their IP goons after an indie studio developing a game named “Prey to the Gods”. Their issue being the use of the word “Prey” that they had trademarked. The studio has decided not to fight it as the have better uses for their Kickstarter funds than legal action & have renamed the game “Praey to the Gods”.

I think it’s a pretty shitty move to

  1. Trademark a single word that is in the common vernacular - i.e. Scrolls (Good work there Bethesda & Zenimax again), Edge etc.; and
  2. Go after a game that doesn’t even come close to matching what your game represents.

I didn’t know about the little indie game at the centre of this, so I guess they’re making the most of this, by getting as much publicity as they can. Here’s their latest newsletter with a few of their thoughts on it:

Damn it. And I wanted to make a new game called “Cyberpunk 2078”. CDPR will sue me 100%.

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Katsuo I believe that CDPR have said they aren’t actively pursuing CyberPunk unless it actually proves to be a ridiculuously obvious cash in.

Which yours would be :slight_smile:

But if they did get heavy-handed I’d have the same issues for trademarking the name of the genre.

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Hey, I kick-started this game!